When it comes to getting more eyeballs (interest) on a home that has just been listed there is no doubt that you must have excellent photographs of the home.

We are amazed at how many homes are poorly marketed due to the lack of that one detail, high quality images!

It boggles our minds when we see listings with poorly lit, badly framed and out of focus images of the home being marketed for sale. How does anybody think that by using a phone to take photos of a house in poor lighting and haphazardly photographing it without de-cluttering and tidying the home is going to make a good first impression?

Well the answer is it won’t!

If you want top dollar for your house, the first thing to insist from your agent is to demand that the photographs be phenomenal.

That means also that the house must be in a state of acceptability so that the photographs showcase the home in a neat and orderly fashion making it appealing to the buyers. (Always put yourself in the buyer’s shoes)

Think about it this way, 95% of buyers and even more agents are searching every day on the internet for the “right” home. First impressions are so important and if the photographs are not of high quality then the buyers just move on the the next one. 

With over 25 years of professional photography experience, that is one of many attributes that we provide for our our clients and it has helped us sell homes faster than most agents.

We help sellers price their homes correctly and market them so that buyers want to come and see them and make offers.